Part # ET66

Corghi - ET66 Truck Wheel Balancer

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Corghi - ET66 Truck Wheel Balancer

Truck Wheel Balancer Mw/Built-In Pneumatic Wheel Lift

An electronic balancing machine with motor-driven wheel spin for removed wheels of trucks, buses, cars and vans, with or without built-in pneumatic lift for wheels weighing up to 440lbs. It is on wheels for easier transport and maneuvering. A powerful 16 bit processing unit ensures extremely accurate results and a vast choice of balancing programs in truck and car environment for standard or light alloy wheels.

Here are some key features and benefits that make this tire equipment so unique.

  • 16 bit microprocessor data processing unit
  • LED and LCD luminous digital display for indication of:
    • Value and position of imbalances
    • and programs selected
  • Display of imbalance values in grams and ounces
  • Wide choice of programs for simple, rapid use.
  • Balancing programs available for both modes of use (truck or car):
    • Standard dynamic on both sides
    • Static on one plane only
    • Alu for light alloy wheels
  • General utility programs:
    • Calibration
    • Diagnostics
  • Low balancing speed
  • Imbalance data acquired at variable speed
  • Manually operated pneumatic brake for wheel stop at end of cycle and to clamp the wheel shaft for easier application of balance weights
  • Warranty:
    • Rubber pads, hoses, air lines and swabs (parts only) 1 year, parts - 6 months, labor
  • ISO 9001 Certified


  • Tire Diameter: 52"
  • Rim Width: 4"-20"
  • Rim Diameter: 12-28
  • Max. Tire Weight: 440 lbs
  • Spin Time Trucks: 17 sec
  • Voltage: 110V 1 Ph
  • Shaft: 46 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 300 lbs
Popular Accessories:
  • Spacer Flange
  • Medium Cone: 160-202 mm
  • Large Cone: 220-281 mm
  • Wing Nut
  • Tire Caliper
  • Calibration Weight (3.5 oz)
  • Calibration Weight (10 oz)
  • Wheel Weight Pliers
  • Attaching Bolt (requires 2)
  • Calibration Cone Standard

  • Model: ET66