What we do

Prier Tire Supply specializes in bringing you quality tire repair products and other tire repair tools and supplies at low, low prices. We can handle all of your tire supply needs, no matter how big or small. We offer a full line of quality name brand repair items. Some of the names that you would recognize include Western Weld, Rema, Ken-Tool, Ingersoll Rand, Murphy’s, Grey Pneumatic, Counteract, Astro, Wix and many, many more. There are hundreds of tires repair products to choose from that are all in stock and ready to ship. At Prier Tire Supply, our motto is “Setting the Standard for Service” and we strive to accomplish that with every customer order that we fill.

Our business history

Prier Tire Supply comes to you with over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the tire supply industry. We have a reputation for bringing you the highest quality repair products at the best prices possible.

What makes us unique

Prier Tire Supply has a strong commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality tire repair products and related tools and tire shop supplies at the lowest cost to you. At Prier Tire Supply, your satisfaction is top priority whether your a new customer or one that’s been with us forever. We believe you will like how we "Set the Standard for Service".